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Mcdonalds Monopoly 2019 Canada

Woohoo! Mcdonalds Monopoly 2019 Canada is back! It begins on October 8, 2019, and you can play this game to win millions of exciting prizes. This is one of my favorite food store promotions and my visits to Mcdonald’s often increase by 2 times just to enjoy playing this game with my friends. There are the endless number of prizes ranging from Car, cash, gift cards, vacation trip to instant win prizes and food offers which you could win from Mcdonalds Coast to Coast Monopoly 2019

In this post, We will be talking about each and every detail about Mcdonalds Monopoly 2019 Canada which would make you a pro in this game.

Let’s begin!

What is Mcdonalds Monopoly Game Canada 2019?

First of all, let me tell you what’s actually this Monopoly 2019 is.

It’s an annual promotion by Mcdonald’s in Canada in which you get game pieces on buying certain food items from participating outlets. A game piece consists of two game stamps and each game stamp made up of 12-digit, unique alphanumeric code.

This game is divided into two games: “Instant Win” and “Collect and Win”

To win any prize from Instant win, you may need an Instant win game stamp. But in the case of Collect & Win promotion, you may have to collect certain Game stamps to make a winning combination to win a specific prize from Collect and Win.

Game duration: This game begins on October 8, 2019 and ends on November 11, 2019

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Where to get a game board?

You can obtain a Mcdonalds Monopoly Canada game board from any of the participating Mcdonalds outlets in Canada. Or you can also download it from the official website.

After collecting a game stamp, peel off the back of the game stamp and put it on the corresponding space on the game board.

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Also, the game board is not required to participate. Your game stamps are still valid even without the game board. It is just to help you manage game stamps more effectively and in a more fun way. I always use the game board to manage my game pieces, not because I am bad at managing things but to make the game more thrilling.

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How to obtain game pieces?

You can obtain game pieces (stamps) either by purchasing certain food items from any participating Mcdonalds stores in Canada or by the Mail-in method. Below are details of each of the methods

1. Purchase Food from Mcdonalds: This is the easiest and convenient way to get game pieces is by buying certain food items from the participating stores. You may get (1) or (2) game pieces depending on the package you buy. Make sure to check the promotional offer is shown on the item before you make any purchase.

2. Mail-in request: If you notice, it is written “No purchase required” which means there is a free way to grab game pieces. So what exactly is that? It’s actually a mail-in entry method. Though it is not completely free, you still need to incur the price of postage but it’s very inexpensive.

Follow these easy steps to obtain a game piece through the mail-in method:

  • Send a handwritten self-addressed envelope in a postage-paid outer envelope
  • The return address which you write on the outer envelope must be the same as the address you write inside the envelope.
  • Address to send mails: 2019 MONOPOLY® “Coast to Coast” Game at McDonald’s Game Piece Request, P.O. Box 12158, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, E2L 5E7
  • You can only request (1) game piece per outer envelope. For multiple game pieces, you need to send multiple requests.
  • Envelopes with no outer address will not be fulfilled

How To Play Mcdonalds Monopoly Canda 2019?

To play this Canada Mcd Monopoly Game 2019, you first to collect game piece which comprises (2) game stamps. If you have already collected game pieces then for what are you waiting for? Go ahead and follow this procedure to check whether you win any prize.

Step 1: First of all, remove the game piece which is fixed to the specially marked item and now peel off the back of the game piece carefully without making any harm to game stamps.

Step 2: Now Identify whether a game stamp is an “Instant Win” Game Stamp or a “Collect and Win” Game Stamp.

Step 3: After determining the category of a game stamp, if you get an instant win game stamp then you may be a potential winner of an instant win prize. It could be a food prize or a non-food prize.

In case you get a Monopoly Collect and Win stamp that comprises a potential Winning Combination. Put it on the corresponding spot on your game board and find other same group game stamps that you may need to win that specific prize from Collect & Win.

What are the rare McDonalds Monopoly Canada Rare pieces?

To win any prize from Mcdonalds Collect and Win Canada, you need to match certain winning combinations by collecting Collect & Win Game stamps. Each prize requires up to 4 game stamps to win in which some are rare and some are common pieces. Click here to get the complete list of all rare pieces and common pieces along with odds of collecting potential winning matches.

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Don’t get confused between an instant win and collect & win game stamp as both are different. If you get any instant win game stamps, it means you may win a instant win reward.

Who can play?

The 2019 version of Mcdonalds Monopoly is open to legal residents of Canada only.

How to claim your prize?

Wondering how and where to claim your prize? Well, there is no need to wonder anymore as the process to claim a prize is simple and straightforward. Different prizes have different procedures to claim.

Food prize: If you get an instant win stamp for a Mcdonald’s food prize, you can claim it at the counter or by going to any participating outlet in Canada by 11:59:59 p.m. Local Time on December 3, 2019.

$10 or $50 Mcdonalds Card: Visit any nearby eligible store and ask the Mcdonalds manager to give you an empty gift card. But do not give your game stamp to the manager or any of the employees. You need to follow instructions given on the empty card to activate it and claim your Mcdonalds $10 / $50 card prize by 11:59:59 p.m. Local Time on December 3, 2019. See official rules for complete instructions.

Instant win / Collect & Win: A potential prize winner can claim their non-food prize or collect and win prize either online at the Online Redemption Site or by calling the toll free number by 11:59:59 p.m. Local Time on December 3, 2019.

Note: Please cross-check the procedure from official rules as well

Mcd Promotion Canada Prizes 2019

All prizes are divided into three categories: Collect & Win Prizes, Instant win non-food prizes, and instant win food items prizes.

Collect and Win Game:

Total Prizes: 166

Prize(s): Number of prize(s):
2020 Chevrolet Equinox 7
2019 Yamaha WolverineX4 EPS 3
$10,000 Cash 10
Cineplex Première Card 10
$5,000 in Vanilla Mastercard Prepaid Cards 5
(1) Cabela’s Two Thousand Dollar ($2,000) gift card 75
$2,000 Hudson’s Bay Gift Card 5
(5) Million RBC Rewards points from Royal Bank of Canada or a direct deposit or cheque for Fifty Thousand Dollars CAD 5
Air Transat Family Vacation 20
Esso Mobil Gas for 1 Year 25

Instant Win Non Food Prizes:

Total prizes: Approx. 1,904,760

Prize(s): Number of prize(s):
($5) Hudson’s Bay Promotional Gift Card 100,000
(14) Days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 250,000
($10) Hudson’s Bay Promotional Gift Card 24000
Ten Dollar McDonald’s Card 12,500
Skullcandy Twenty Dollar Gift Card 1,500,000
Esso Ι Mobil $25 gift card 5,000
($50) Vanilla Mastercard Prepaid Card 600
Esso Ι Mobil ($50) Gift Card 2200
($50) McDonald’s Card 1500
($50) Cash 7,000
Roku Streaming Stick 1,111
PKG Carry Goods Prize Pack 334
Xbox One X Bundle 100
4K Hisense Roku TV 250
Air Transat Roundtrip Flights for Two. 75
Bloomex Flowers and Gifts 20
Universal Parks Trip 10
$10,000 Cash 10
Big Mac for A Year 50

Food Prizes:

Total prizes: Approx. 17,695,017

Prize(s): Number of prizes (Approx.)
Cheeseburger 3,539,004
Muffin 3,539,004
Small Hot McCafe 3,362,052
Small Fountain Drink 1,592,557
Medium Fries 3,892,892
Sandwich 1,769,508

Does anyone win a monopoly at McDonald’s Canada?

Yes, lots of people have won various small as well as big prizes from the Monopoly Coast to Coast Game At McDonald’s Canada last year.

Though the odds of winning big prizes like Chevrolet car or big amount of cash is very difficult but still you can aim for other small prizes like gift cards. Also, there are dozens of instant win prizes and food prizes that you could win very easily. So it’s worth your effort.


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